i.e. is an interaction and design research and consulting firm based in Montreal.  i.e. helps companies create products and services that deliver great experiences for their customers.



    Design and development of a new range of Enterprise productivity apps

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  • Case Study: Voice Biometric and Virtual Assistant UX Research

    Voice Biometric and Virtual Assistant User Experience Research

    A series of qualitative user experience research projects to help the Nuance team better understand consumers’ perceptions around voice biometric and virtual assistant interactions.

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  • Case Study: Research Design Consulting

    Passenger Wayfinding Study

    Co-development of an original research design that combined face to face interviews and usability testing in Montreal’s subway.

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  • Case Study: Government Information

    Prototype Usability / Validation Testing

    Two studies in iteration to validate the usability & effectiveness of online information modules in educating students about credit and student loans.

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  • Case Study : Consumer ethnography

    Ethnographic Research

    Francophone fieldwork that took category managers into Quebeckers' homes and favorite grocery stores to observe how they planned and shopped for beer.

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  • Case Study: Eye Tracking

    Eyes Don’t Lie: Web Usability and Survey Reliability

    Find out whether the increased visual nature of online surveys supports or interferes with the goal of online surveys.

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  • Case study: Membership study

    Women in Film, Television and New Media Membership Study

    Design and execution of a study on the attitudes, objectives and needs of current and potential members of an association.

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  • Case Study: In-store touch screens

    Information Architecture and Interaction Design

    Pilot touch screen application to present and sell Internet access packages directly to the client at physical POS.

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  • Case Study: North American Public University

    University Website Usability Study

    The web has become one of the main decision-making instruments for researching and choosing higher education. Two studies for a well-known university.

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