Case Study: In-store touch screens

Information Architecture and Interaction Design

Touch screen Information Architecture and Interaction Design for physical POS.

The Work

The team at Bell were looking to develop a pilot touch screen application for their physical POS to present and sell Internet access packages directly to the client. I helped create the information architecture and user interface schemas that best suited the product offering and retail conditions.

Some intense (and fun!) brainstorming sessions enabled us, along with the product manager’s representatives and designers, to translate the commercial ISP packages into user-goal-oriented offerings across a series of interactive touch screens for a standalone in-store sales channel. Deliverables included wireframes and rough copywriting

The Client Perspective

After weeks of briefings, requirements gathering, work sessions with product and marketing teams this project boiled down to 2 days of offsite brainstorming to get our touch screen interfaces conceptualized with the help of Kate. 2 very effective (and I confirm: fun!) days of discussion, sketching and wireframing which allowed us to deliver a refreshing interactive in store experience. During this project Kate demonstrated her ability to absorb numerous and complex requirements in a short time frame and helped distill this information into a user friendly design.

Remi Yong – Web strategy consultant